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Happy Kids-Yogalates!


Trial Day


Experience the fun of Yogalates with your kids for trial price only $165!  

May 6 | 17:00

Limited Space!

Happy Kids Yogalates


 -Body development & rhythm training


 Fun, healthy, educational, energetic 🤸🏻🤸🏻🤸🏻🤸🏻🤸🏻

Are you still looking for healthy activities for your children?  Do you want to increase parent-child relationship through activities?


“Happy Kids-Yogalates” is a great choice. A physical gameplay-based course that includes elements of yoga, Pilates, and gymnastics. The lively classes improve kids’ flexibility and strength with exciting games accompanied to music. 



Playing games is the most instinctive and natural way for children to learn. Their enthusiasm for playing activates learning and improves their body, mind and spirit.


Miss Zoe, the lead teacher of the course is certified in Pilates, stretching and yoga. She has extensive experience working with primary school children and special needs kids. She is enthusiastic in helping more kids with coordination training. The course is conducted in English and Mandarin to help the kids become more familiar with bilingual environments. 

Training included:

Stretching – Not all kids are born flexible. Developing the habit of stretching helps improve their body condition and gets them ready for all kinds of sports. With consistent stretching we can not only improve our kids posture, but also bone development.


Strengthening – Every parent hopes that their kids to be healthy and strong. By training strength and endurance of their muscles at early age, kids have a better chance to develop strong and healthy bodies as they grow.


What are the benefits of children participating in "Happy Kids-Yogaltes"?


Posture Correction – The prevention of kyphosis or spine crookedness, with a balanced strength program coordinating all limbs.


Sports Concepts – Cultivating a love for sports for lifelong enthusiasm towards healthy habits.


Injury Prevention – With the guidance of our instructors, kids will gain concepts of how to move safely. Strengthening their coordination and awareness will also reduce the chances of injuries.


Music & Rhythm – The course includes dance to music that allows them to feel the beauty of rhythm. 


Suitable for:

🧒🏼   One kids above 4yr old and one parent

Regular class time:

Every Friday 17:00-18:00


 Englishn and Cantonese


We have family discount packages so mums and dads can join in the fun together with the kids. Please check the website or WhatsApp up for details.


See you at MindBreak!


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What'sApp: 852-46887241


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